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  January 31, 2018

FOCUS President Lezli Engelking this week published a letter to the industry in an attempt to educate the cannabis community about the various organizations seeking to establish national standards, including the NACB. We were highlighted among an esteemed group of organizations on the heels of the publishing of a draft of our first NACB National Standard, focused on Packaging and Labeling. We commend Lezli for taking the time to publish her letter. We agree that the topic of standards can be confusing, particularly in an industry wrought with uncertainty. To that end, we wanted to ensure the cannabis community has as clear a picture as possible about how the NACB is approaching National Standards development, as well as our perspective about working with others in the industry, including FOCUS. You can read our full process here, but in a nutshell:

  • The current Administration has been clear it doesn’t view most individual states’ laws as sufficient to protect the public. Our members’ aim is to demonstrate to regulators, the public and the industry that they operate at the highest levels of ethics and responsibility. They are working with us to develop and are committing to adhere to NACB National Standards that are aligned with regulator priorities that in many cases will be more rigorous than state regulations.
  • The NACB is committed to a deliberate and inclusive process in developing our National Standards, following procedures that parallel that of the federal government. To that end, the initial drafts of our standards come with the input of members, other stakeholders in the cannabis community, as well as world-class subject matter experts and lawyers with deep regulatory experience. In fact, the chairman of the ASTM’s Technical Committee for the Packaging & Labeling of Cannabis Products participated actively in the NACB’s process and we worked together closely to maintain alignment between the NACB’s and ASTM’s draft standards. To the extent they wish to participate, we welcome all other industry associations to work with us. We want the absolute best for the industry because we believe that it is critical the industry takes control of its own destiny and the window to do so is closing.
  • After our members approve the initial draft of an NACB National Standard, we are proud to offer the draft to everyone inside and out of the cannabis community to provide additional feedback. This Notice and Comments period is open for four weeks. We have made it a priority to bring visibility to the Packaging and Labeling Standard in the week since it “went live,” and continue to encourage all to read and comment on it here while the Notice and Comment period continues until February 21st.

We hope this helps clarify questions you may have about the NACB and our National Standards, but if you have more, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Author Bio

The National Association of Cannabis Businesses is the first and only self-regulatory organization (SRO) in U.S. cannabis. Our members function as a self-governing community, focused on differentiating themselves to regulators, the public and others as the most legitimate, professional and trustworthy businesses in the industry.